Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 (Show 550)

It’s a beautiful day in NC and we started with a recognition of the sacrifices made in defeating the horrific Third Reich that started on the beaches of Normandy 74 years ago on D-Day!  A great deal of the importance of history gets lost over time.  The important events get overshadowed by the current issues of the day.  Here’s hoping we never forget what almost happened.

Day 126 for Gov Cover Up Cooper.  The state budget sits on his desk awaiting a veto (which will be over ridden) or his signature (which is not likely).  In either case the Governor continues to defy the public’s right to know how he secretly went about negotiating a $57.8m slush fund while writing permits for a gas pipeline through the state.  The cover-up grows.

As the legislature winds down several bills are being considered somewhat hastily.  One would force schools to have “In God We Trust” posted in them, another would force them to teach cursive, yet another would allow spouses of superintendents to be hired.  Haste is NOT the hallmark of good legislation and all of these pose serious questions.

The national motto posted with no context will only lead to massive and expensive lawsuits and make the republicans look over eager to force patriotism and religion onto children.  Simply making it a historical fact by saying “In God We Trust” is the national motto approved by Congress makes it much more historical fact and less religious.  We will see what happens.

As for cursive. . .  it is about as useful in today’s world as cuneiform.  And if the schools were already showing alacrity teaching basic writing and/or math skills it might be worth debating, but it’s not!  NCGA go home as soon as possible!

I wanted to get into a discussion about milk, but instead discussed the real consideration about the value of education and that we might consider undoing a great deal of it.  Blasphemy to be sure, but not discussing the actual value of education versus the “signaling” of education is also worthless.  Do we achieve more because we’re actually learning more or simply that we have a piece of paper that “signals” that we have value without actually having much.  It’s a good topic to debate and captured well by Bryan Caplan’s new book, “The Case Against Education.”

And then. .  . the topic of MILK!  Yes, our NC Dept of Agriculture and several senators are all ginned up about milk.  Why?  Well, you see, you folks out there aren’t smart enough to know that almond, rice and soy products aren’t actually milk.  Milk, as defined by the federal government must come from hooved animals (I guess that could include pigs and goats).  So NC is in the process of being the ONLY state in the union to pass a law to enforce the hooved milk provision, storm stores and remove NON-animal milk products from the shelves under the massive assumption that you’re really not bright enough to figure it out.

It’s also being done to shore up the milk industry, which is quite fatigued.  Worth mentioning, and apparently not worth looking into by the honorables, is the fact that 73% of ALL milk production is subsidized by YOUR tax dollars.  Too bad our general assembly isn’t interested in that fact!

On the heels of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Masterpiece Bakery, we’re missing a critical piece of information.  What is abundantly clear from the ruling (and very prevalent in society today) is the robust way in which ay conservative leanings are decidedly unacceptable.  The courts notices that the baker’s religious beliefs held NO merit in their decision against his right to refuse.  But when artists refuse to perform for the president it isn’t discrimination.  When designers refuse to make a dress for the 1st lady, it’s not discrimination.  Why not?  Why is it ONLY discrimination when it happens against someone on the left?  It’s a serious issue in this intolerant progressive society!

From there we excoriated the left via one of their own.  Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks might be the dems great hope, but he laid waste their faulty beliefs in universal healthcare, government jobs for all and the lack of attention to entitlements.  He correctly states that we need private sector growth to pay for things, very elusive to most progressives!  Well written and interesting article.  We’ll see how many lefties end up supporting him moving forward.

I touched on three stories briefly as follows:

  1. Progressives are increasingly concerned about great economic news to the point that they are trying to say it isn’t as good as it appears.
  2. That constantly watching the news creates fatigue that seems to affect republicans more than democrats.
  3. And that there is a lot to be concerned about regarding left leaning grievances that the left doesn’t quite see.
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