Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 (Show 555)

And so it’s now day 133 that NC’s Governor Cooper cannot or will not answer questions regarding how he ended up almost being in control of $57.8m for a slush fund related to a natural gas pipeline that would have allowed him to virtually BUY the 2020 gubernatorial election.  He and his team have YET to respond to multiple public information requests from multiple news groups in the state and the legislature has threatened to hold hearings on this debacle.  One has to wonder what this Governor really believes in as he can barely step away from poll responses and focus group answers.

Nonetheless we compared and contrasted our Governor with the frenetic pace of a much more maligned President Trump who has set an amazing pace of accomplishing campaign promises in spite of massive headwinds and an unfriendly press.  The latest meeting in N. Korea is clear and compelling proof that there is a new President indeed at the helm!

Dilbert creator Scott Adams has a great summation of the meeting here.  And we had a blast juxtaposing how bizarrely wrong Hillary was in her assessment of Trump’s approach last November. Feel free to make your own judgments.

I briefly discussed, yet again, how democrats continue to want to expand Medicaid with NO desire to see spending constraints, efficiency created or outcomes affected.  It is a constant bizarre reality that simply has them providing sound bytes as if they care with not a single desire to be fiscally responsible.  Why should they?  It’s always, “other people’s money.”

We then touched on a few stories that we’re surprised haven’t appeared with greater frequency.  The first has to do with the MASSIVE arrest of over 2,000 suspected child sex offenders.  These pieces of trash were part of a national crack-down that should be a HUGE story, but hasn’t shown up really outside of a Justice Department memo on the matter here.

Along those lines, one would think that a story about a massive drop in food stamp recipients would be welcomed news from the state to the national level.  Yet again, not the case.  Food stamp disbursements have dropped to their lowest level in years and the ONLY story discussing it appears at Brietbart.  Why would not such a story be more widely available?  Why wouldn’t regular news be interested?  Sadly, it appears that it’s a matter of WHO is in the White House, not the facts.

The next segment wasn’t short on controversy as we discussed gays with guns and the breaking up of California.  Those aren’t related stories, but would make for a phenomenal sci-fi series or movie.

California is poised to move forward with a three state proposal this November as it WILL be on the ballot.  If approved there is still a long and arduous road to implementation.  That being said, this will be a fascinating side story during the 2018 elections.  What if it actually happens?  The last time a split happened was in 1863 when West Virginia was sheared out of Virginia.

On the gun ownership front, gay populations are buying guns in droves which will create a fascinating new political schism.  Heretofore a solitary democrat bloc of votes, the gun dynamic is showing that heretofore lock-step groups on the political left are maturing and politically diversifying.  This could spell trouble for the left moving forward.  Yes, premature, but worth consideration nonetheless.

And isn’t it fun when democrats start turning on their own ideas for the sake of an election?  Progressive types in congress are LITERALLY turning on Obamacare positioning themselves as blaming the GOP for the systemic increases in premiums that are the legacy of this horrific attempt to federalize the medical system of the US.  Now that’s cojones!

“Republicans and the Trump administration own any and all increases in health care premiums for American consumers.”  – Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer  (WOW!)

Finally, the host had some fun with science. I-95, from Richmond-northward has a layer of 300 million-year-old rock that reflects solar flared energy.  That being the case, the entire corridor could be subject to a massive solar storm problem IF we have another Carrington Event level flare. Of note, we are overdue for one!

If we were to have another such event, the disruption to our way of life, at least temporarily could be MASSIVE!

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