Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 (Show 574)

I started the show discussing the rather bizarre way in which democrats are reacting to this judicial nomination.  Oddly clear, they see the judiciary not simply as a separate branch of government, but yet another legislative branch of government.  They have already established, via the numerous executive orders under Obama, that the executive branch is a legislative branch as well.  And the media, for the most part, buys into that narrative.

Having an originalist, constructionist in the supreme court in the form of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, makes the court one of jurisprudence, not activism.  With nothing to run on, Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, etc. are ONLY left with anger, wild exaggerations and a desperate desire to raise money.  This is just the latest swing for the bleachers for them.

Prior to our bottom of the our guest, I went over the story of the “traffic jam in Hallsville” which occurred yesterday pitting farmers, members of the legislature and Lt. Gov Dan Forest against rapid environmentalists seeking to destroy the hog industry.  It’s really insidious the way in which leftist claim they mean no harm to hog farmers, only the conglomerate companies that purchase the hogs.  Destroy the market for farmers, you destroy the farms.  It’s the game that’s afoot.

The irony is that the political left literally destroyed the small farm with myriad regulations that made small farming almost impossible and now that the farms are huge, they must be stopped. They’ve done the exact same thing with small landfills via regulations that made only large landfills possible and now they seek to stop those as well.

Elizabeth Slattery, of the Heritage Foundation, joined us during the next half hour to discuss Kavanaugh’s credentials and the ongoing debacle surrounding what will ultimately be his approval by the US Senate.  Her article appeared here at the Daily Signal.

Donald Bryson, President of the Civitas Institute, joined us next to discuss the congressional race between Democrat Dan McCready and Republican Mark Harris in North Carolina’s 9th District.   In spite of the district backing Donald Trump by 7 points in the last election, Harris trails McCready by 7 points in the latest Civitas poll.  Lots to discuss there and you can read more about it here in the Hill article.  Of note, voters in that district favor the Voter ID amendment by 60%.

Rounding out the bottom of the second hour I played a clip of Chris Anglin.  Yep, you’ll wonder why, and it’s doubtful you know his name.  You see, he’s an attorney running for NC’s Supreme Court as a Republican.  But he only became a Republican on June 7th and has a Democrat consultant known as Perry Wood.  Even more bizarre is his inability to clearly articulate WHY he’s running.  What is clear is the game afoot.  Democrats know that the race between Democat Anita Earl and Republican Barbara Jackson will be close.  Having an extra Republican in the mix WILL hurt Jackson and thus the Democrats may have well sealed their victory in November through this chicanery.  Sadly, the GOP created the opportunity by getting rid of the primaries and also not having an appointment process.  We’ll be watching, but the interview on News14 Carolina is PAINFUL to watch!!  You can view it here!

I finished up the show with four unrelated, but interesting stories.

  1. Trump is in Europe and already challenging Germany’s lack of desire to pay for their NATO obligation even while paying the Russians billions for natural gas.
  2. Great Britain’s much heralded single payer healthcare system is falling apart more quickly every year even as it costs more and more.  As progressives in this country tout a system with no personal obligation, everywhere it’s tried, it fails!
  3. The RoundUp case, wherein folks are trying to take down Monsanto alleging that Glyphosate causes cancer, is moving forward.  A judge in California is allowing the case to continue in spite of NO conclusive evidence that it is carcinogenic.  If this case goes against Monsanto, life as we know it will change!
  4. Finally, the progressive left loves to feel good about recycling, but the markets have dried up, the Chinese have become recycling purists that won’t take much of it anymore and a great deal of it now ends up in landfills.  But Californians have a tough time accepting reality. . . so, they keep on, even though it’s now mostly fake!  A beautiful phrase in the story is called, “wishful recycling.”

Overall, all of this is the result of progressives misleading the public.  Yes, Germany isn’t paying their fair share no matter what CNN tries to make up!  Yes, single payer systems don’t work. Yes, RoundUp allows the world to be fed and has NOT been proven to cause cancer.  And Yes, recycling does NOT work as promised anymore.



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