Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 (Show 554)

Hello folks, it’s now Day 132 for the infamous Gov. Cover Up Cooper. He continues to lament republican leaders on their budget, continues to say he doesn’t favor giveaways to wealthy corporations, unless they’re Apple or Amazon, and has yet to be forthcoming (hence Day 132) about how he did it, who was involved and why did he negotiated the state’s largest slush fund ($57.8m) in history.

That being said we started the day with THE international story about a seismic shift for peace.  The oft maligned and continually ridiculed President Trump has a history meeting with North Korea’s Kim.  The outline of the meeting was simple, direct and monumental!  There is simply no way to NOT see this as a positive development without rival from the previous four presidents.  Very impressive day that may well mark the end of the 68 year old Korean conflict.

During the second half of the first hour I returned to three separate NC stories demonstrating the hibernation/activity state of left leaning extensions of the democrat party.  When democrats are in office and teachers don’t happen, min. wage doesn’t increase and state employees get nothing, leftist groups stay dormant.

When republicans are in power and provide state raises, teacher raises and even increase spending across the board, left leaning groups, acting on behalf of democrats get arrested, make allegations, rant and protest!

Yesterday folks got arrested wanting minimum wage rates increased (even though this would hurt job creation).  And the NAACP is up in arms about voter ID being on the ballot even though NC is one of only 14 states that do NOT have voter ID.  Simply put, this is about attempting to get more democrats elected and creating photo ops and media hits against republicans for the elections this year.

Donald Bryson, President of the Civitas Institute, joined us at the top of the second hour.  First, I wanted to mention the poll luncheon in Wilmington next week that I’ll be co-hosting, and hope to see lots of folks out there!  It’s lunch, so come on out!

Bryson discussed the issue of VoterID.  In their most recent flash poll, 63% of North Carolinians support Voter ID in spite of false claims of racism to the contrary.  When the legislature puts this one on the ballot, it could spell bad news for democrats at the polls.  Will they get active on that issue or remain silent?  Gov. Cooper, I predict, will stay silent!

We also discussed the nature of left leaning groups and Bryson, oft quoted in stories about ANY protests, concurred that such groups are extensions of the democrat party.  I also commended Civitas for staying firm on the issues regardless of which party is in power.

Don’t forget to sign up here for the poll luncheon!

Rounding out the bottom of the second hour, I went through the ongoing debacle in Seattle where the city council is starting to back track on their latest “head tax” saying they will likely rescind this terrible decision.  But in typical progressive/liberal fashion they cannot bring themselves to admit they were wrong on the tax. Instead they continue to lament their homeless problem as if this has to do with Amazon success rather than bad city policies that encourage it.  Maybe, just maybe liberals encourage homelessness!

Taking a bit of leeway on the environmental front, when was the last time you heard the issue of coal ash discussed?  Really, since Gov. McCrory left office, have you heard a WORD about it anywhere?  Has it been solved?  Truth be told, Gov Cooper has had an easy time on this issue in spite of the fact that ONLY 10% of the coal ash has been moved and there is no real end to the 140+ million tons left to be moved.  Why isn’t the media asking questions?  Or is it that all the groups that thought it was so important during a GOP governor’s time no longer think it’s that important with a democrat in the mansion?

In a bizarre twist, the Washington Times has yet again exposed that the real Russian collusion is between Russians who want their oil economy preserve and US environmental groups that want oil production to end.  Russians and Chinese have been sending piles of money to these groups to stop fracking and offshore oil.  Maybe the Governor wants some of that Russian money to help him in 2020!  Maybe some Republicans along the coast do as well since they are in unison with the Russians and the Chinese on offshore drilling.

One final note.  While there is a lot of discussion about Mexicans being citizens of the world and while the political left doesn’t believe that people can have “illegal” status here, it’s worth noting the horrendous realities on the ground in Mexico.  Since Sept. 2017, 112 political candidates have been KILLED!!  That’s not just citizens, those are folks that want to change the system that have been eradicated in this organized crime infested narco state.  It is serious and border security is MORE important than ever!  Mexico has GOT to figure out a way out of this nightmare!

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