Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 (Show 573)

It is a beautiful day with a phenomenal story of a heroic rescue in Thailand as all kids and their coach are safe!  Riveting, brave, and every other positive descriptor likely falls short of accurately portraying what has transpired over the past few days in Thailand in uniting the world.  While democrats here throw pathetic temper tantrums asserting the supreme court is another legislative body.

Having said that. . the political left was fully prepared for battle mode. They had signs printed up with ALL of the nominees, they were ready to spew hate.  They came prepared for battle and even had a press release with the name omitted just to fill in after it was announced.

ABC even goofed having released a twitter announcement about the “controversial pick” 1.5 hrs before the pick was announced and later changing it to the “controversy” itself.

We went through quite a bit with respect to Trump’s selection of Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court.  USAToday had a GREAT summary of his qualifications and history.

I also continued to document that Gov. Cooper continues to be remarkably silent on most happenings in the world.  He can’t be seen as too close to the actual democrat party nationally and wants to be seen as a centrist democrat even as he has to have the support of the far left.  It is a tightrope, and as a poll driven, focus group obsessed governor, he will continue to seem rather distant from the folks.  He doesn’t have a vision, doesn’t have a plan, just enjoys being governor. . . for now!

Former NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr joined us in the second hour to discuss his take on the SCOTUS selection of Cavanaugh.  Orr is a #nevertrumper and sees NOTHING redeeming about Trump, but thinks the Kavanaugh selection is safe.  His issue is that NONE of the supremes have actual experience in front of a jury, they all have similar pedigrees and are far removed from American life, for the most part.  Though we disagree on some things, it is always a pleasure to catch up with Judge Orr.

We finished up the show with Civitas President Donald Bryson as they continue to push for pork barrel spending to stop, educate voters on pending constitutional amendments and more.  Donald will be joining us tomorrow to announce the results of his polling in the McReady/Harris race!  Should be interesting!


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