Thursday, September 6th, 2018 (Show 613)

Kicking things off, I jumped, once again, right into the Kavanaugh hearings as Democrats slide deeper into the morasse of fake indignation.  Their opposition is PURELY political and NOT sensical.  During that opening monologue I mentioned also the anonymous editorial at the NYT wherein someone “in the Trump administration” is claiming to run the government from within, it is an alarming statement.

In NC state government there is a little known phrase called “WEBE” which is short for “we be here when you got here and we be here when you leave” and THEY are the ones that generally run YOUR state government.  It is an incestuous pool of insiders that remain in place, for the most part, regardless of who gets elected.  The general assembly has made it almost impossible to get rid of folks, unlike the private sector in the state.

These people are within all areas of the executive side of government from the Administration, through the various departments and into the legislative branches as well.  It is dangerous, stifles innovation, creativity, efficiency and the ability to update government.

These same TYPE of folks haunt the halls of the federal government as well.  We must be able to clean house when folks are elected or NOTHING will change.  And this anonymous editorial shows that we DO have a shadow, unelected government of folks claiming to run the Republic in spite of having never received a single vote from anyone.

I’m hopeful that folks will start standing up, but I doubt it.  In NC, Con. George Holding (R-Wake) is finding himself in a close race with Linda Coleman (D-Wake) and most of it is due to the fact that almost NOBODY knows who Holding is and they ONLY thing they’ve heard him say is, “my name is George Holding and I approved this message.”

He doesn’t do many interviews, isn’t seen almost anywhere in the district and has a memorable image often shared of him asleep at the speaker’s dais running a Congressional meeting.  Coleman is out working hard, being seen and polls are showing that she just might win things.  TV commercials aren’t nearly as effective as they once were and our strategists need to flippin’ wake up and realize that they’re losing winnable races!

During the second half of the first hour we were joined by Jay DeLancey, Exec Director of the Voter Integrity Project to discuss the situation wherein 44 counties have been ordered to turn over voter records close to a case unfolding in Wilmington, NC.  It looks like there are serious concerns about potential voter fraud in at least eastern NC and possibly throughout the entire state.

The move by the federal DOJ to subpoena these records show that we MUST have a voterID in the state.   Though the subpoena has since been delayed until after the elections this November, it is still a serious problem for anyone that is against a voterID.

At the top of the second hour I did go through the treasonous note that appeared as an anonymous editorial in the NYT.  In that note, a senior White House official is claiming to run the Federal government because they feel the President is unhinged.  It’s a staggering admission with serious consequences that will likely backfire.

“. . . no one wanted to precipitate a constitutional crisis. So we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until — one way or another — it’s over.”  – Anonymous

That looks like treason or, at the very least, a perceived threat to the President’s life!  The New York Times is plowing dangerous ground here.

CNN’s Scott Jennings wrote a scathing rebuke of this editorial.

“Nowhere in the op-ed does the appointee allege criminal or treasonous behavior on the part of the President. . .this appointee has a duty to resign his or her post and report whatever egregious behavior he or she has personally seen to Congress and the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. That’s appropriate behavior in an orderly republic, as opposed to this political and policy vigilantism that runs contrary to the remedies created for us by the founding fathers.” – Scott Jennings answer to the NYT

Americans VOTED for Trump, the election worked the way it was designed to.  People KNEW what they were getting.  Many may not like him, may not like the process, but that’s ONLY because their person didn’t win.  Trump is a political beast that actually keeps his promises.  He may be challenged in any number of ways, but there is simply NO way that he accidentally brings about an entirely different America, lowered taxes, increases employment, lowered food stamp recipients, has stopped N. Korea and truly did Make America Great Again.  This was NOT an accident.  Think about that for a moment, it is NOT an accident.

The Democrats will continue to melt down during this Kavanaugh situation and may well jeopardize their efforts to take back the House by acting like idiots in the Senate.


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