Thursday, June 7th, 2018 (Show 551)

Thanks for joining us and visiting the website!!  It’s day 127 for Gov. Cover Up Cooper.  Today was particularly embarrassing as he had to admit to making a $500m mistake on the budget.  Yep, they just miscalculated a bit, but it is shocking that it took a reporter to find it.  This administration continues to be aloof and out of touch.  Hurricane money still hasn’t been distributed, no explanation for the $57.8m slush fund and now a $500m mistake on the budget that STILL leaves another $450+m out of balance in two years.

BREAKING news today. got office to admit his budget contained a “spreadsheet error” overestimating tax revenue by $516 M in 2019-20. That error creates a huge deficit in 2019-20 

We spent a great deal of the first segment discussing how it could be possible for this governor to make such a glaring series of mistakes in his budget.  Yet, when asked why it doesn’t add up, he still blamed the republicans. His class warfare (focus group derived) language is starting to wear thin, especially when he’s getting ready to give the world’s wealthiest company (Apple) millions of tax credits to woo them to the state.

Democrats continue to find ways to nullify their advantages heading into the 2018 elections.  Thinking “hate Trump” was going to sell, they continue to be on the wrong side of economic and foreign policy good news.  But even when a potentially centrist and palatable candidate like Howard Schultz (formerly of Starbucks fame) speaks of responsibility they throw him under the bus.

Less than 24 hours after he publicly said single payer healthcare wouldn’t work and that $21T in national debt was a bad thing, liberals are falling over themselves to accuse him of a being, get this, a RADICAL CENTRIST!  Yep, don’t talk common sense or the truly radical socialists on the left will pounce quickly!  He was poised to be Hillary’s Sec. of Labor, would the democrats have opposed him?  Hmmmm. . .

Of note, additional liberal perspectives are starting to sound almost panicky about democrats not gaining a majority in congress.  It will be interesting to watch.  But one has to ask, what is it that democrats are actually selling to the American people?

We had our good friend Nick Ochsner, from WBTV, on to discuss his ongoing investigations.  We appreciate the support Nick gets from his management team at WBTV as the political ruling class often attacks him mercilessly and even threatens his employer from time to time.  But Nick presses on and most recently has run into all sorts of confused and incompetent government actions over hurricane relief.

North Carolina submitted ONE application back in January to begin the process, it was rejected.  New deadlines for action were May 1 with checks allegedly going out on June 1, but NONE of that happened either.  And the band plays on, this administration is driving at midnight with the lights off!  Nick also went through the budget a bit, but the administration still can’t say why they made a $500m mistake or why the corrected budget is still out of balance.  The Gov will be in Charlotte today, but I doubt we’ll get any answers.  Nick agrees!

A brief update on Chicago, liberal leadership and fiscal mismanagement is taking a serious toll on home owners.  The city now leads the nation in folks that underwater on their home loans.  Some folks owe twice what their home is even worth!  We’ll continue to keep a watchful eye on these deteriorating progressive (ironic) cities and states!

From Chicago, I jumped right into the deeply religious issue of recycling.  I say religious because there are simply no facts that back up the belief that it is working.  Nope, China isn’t taking as much of it anymore and a good portion of it just ends up in landfills.  Furthermore, the amount of effort put into cleaning recyclables prior to sorting them and then the process of recycling itself takes more energy, thus contributing to CO2 output.  Cities and counties need to start being honest about the high price and uselessness of recycling, but they won’t because people will never, ever believe that it doesn’t work!

And we only briefly touched on the fact that James (Honor is really important to me) Comey has some explaining to do.  The DOJ’s top watchdog has determined that he acted improperly and insubordinately as well!  Whew!  Where might this all go?  Wherever it leads, no constituency will be pleased!    Yes, Loretta Lynch was also named!

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