Thursday, July 5th, 2018 (Show 570)

Continuing our celebration of the 4th of July from our studios in Wilmington via the support of our amazing staff at Red Wolf Broadcasting!

We had stories about some crazy judicial races in which the democrats got a LAST minute republican to sign up in the NC Supreme Court race to split the GOP vote for Barbara Jackson.  They also made sure to get a democrat to pay for a republican to jump into another judicial race.  Yep, election time and dirty tricks are in full swing.  Wake GOP Chairman Charles Helwig joined us following up on the story in the N&O.

Libertarians, at their annual convention, are struggling to distinguish themselves from President Trump but are eager to attempt to do so.  Yep, a bit comical!

In spite of assertions to the contrary, an objective look at this administration actually does comport with the intent of the original founding fathers of the US.  Hmmm. . .

Left leaning Vox suggest that winning American independence was a mistake!  Oh my!

How would the founders feel about the current US debt?

Americans have mixed feelings about their pride in their country.  Something to keep an eye on!

And Kurt Schlichter hits one out of the park about where we are in the nation right now, right and left!


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