Monday, June 11th, 2018 (Show 553)

Day 131 for Gov. Cover Up Cooper.  And with the decline in media coverage, the Gov doesn’t really feel obliged to answer questions about the lack of hurricane relief or mist $500m budget error or (and especially) his bizarre $57.8m slush fund/pipeline approval story.

We kicked off the start to the week discussing the dangerous time facing us with attacks from the left that are becoming increasingly intolerant.  We also reviewed how busy this week will be on the global level. Sadly, we’ve become accustomed to conservative being attacked on university campuses where they are often in fear for their safety just for speaking.

But the language on the left has become more spiked with putrid vile.  Robert DiNero opened the Tony Awards last night with “F-bomb” invectives against the president.

“I’m just going to say one thing,” Robert De Niro said, wearing a scowl worthy of Jimmy Conway in GoodFellas: “F-ck Trump!” When the astonished audience broke out into a mix of laughter and gasps, he paused for a few seconds and then followed with, “It’s no longer ‘down with Trump.’ It’s ‘f-ck Trump!’”

Keepin’ it classy!

We also discussed that the CEO for Twitter posted a positive note about his experience at Chic-Fil-A and their app only to be assailed by the LGBTQ community with vile hatred.  It was so vile that he ultimately had to take down his post and APOLOGIZE!  Really, just for having a good time at Chic-Fil-A?  The downhill slide continues.

And the invective was even worse from Tom Nichols are the ReaderApp.  His invective was so vile against Trump supporters that it verges on simply the desire to exterminate them.  Are we reaching the point that such hatred is acceptable?  Are Trump supporters vermin?

But amidst all of this hate, as the President is assailed on the G7 summit and lands to discuss the potentially historic end to the Korean War, we can take comfort in the fact that economic conditions are GREAT.  Why do I say that?  Because we have plenty of capacity to show that the conversion of IHOP to IHOB has gone viral!  Only in a successful nation, with lots of free time, could such a story have such widespread appeal.  And yes, it’s now the International House of Burgers!

We also went through the latest piece from MSN decrying the high burnout rate in the Trump White House.  Actually, all White House work is tedious, time consuming and has a high burn out rate.  But the folks at MSN want you to think the mass exodus is nigh at hand. . in fact they’ve asserted this since day one.  It doesn’t make any more true today than it was then.

During the second hour we went through the new Notre Dame study showing that the demise of local newspapers strongly correlates with local governments becoming more inefficient.  Without a watchful eye, politicians and bureaucrats become lazy it seems.  I would also assert that the lack of watchful eyes in Raleigh, similar things occur.  Even the legislature isn’t being as savvy to the operations of state government as they were when media was more prevalent.

In more good news, the utilization of “telehealth” is expanding.  Using your phone as a medical or even psychological tool is growing.  People how heretofore would NOT seek out help are doing so in increasing numbers.  Once again, capitalism has led to the expansion of options for folks, helping them and doing so for far less money.  Here’s hoping the trend continues and people need to seek help, suicide is horrific because it is 100% unnecessary!  

And finally, while the world had thought Polio might be eradicated by the end of this year or the next, having only existed in three nations as of last year, all bets are now off once again.  While Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria had cases last year, now Venezuela’s precipitous decline has yielded not only new cases of Polio where none existed but 85% of all measles cases in Central and/0r South America.  Socialism is NOT an answer, it is the destruction of freedom and health! 

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