Monday, July 9th, 2018 (Show 572)

Kicked off the show with the amazing rescue attempt in Thailand, heartfelt prayers for all involved.  Five remain to be saved!

As the president prepares to nominate someone to fill the vacancy left by Justice Kennedy, democrats are in full meltdown mode.  Sen. Richard Blumental is one of the leaders of misinformation moving forward and will be a player in the coming days.  Here’s what he had to say on Sunday.

We had a great discussion about how we believe what we believe and took the NCGOP to task for yet more pork barrel spending as covered by the N&O.  Republicans want to be seen as conservative but use the same old tricks their democrat buddies taught them.  How can you say you really care about taxpayer money and should be trusted with it when you pass it around to cities and counties that don’t even ask for it or to fund dog parks?

One of the problems, summarized in this piece over at Appalachian magazine, is that we’ve simply gotten away from the family farm, the work ethic, the values, the way of life.  It’s made us a lot shallower and sadly, less tolerant and more selfish.

In the second hour I reviewed how divisive even the aggregator sites like can be.  They don’t do so intentionally, but give equal gravity to diverse opinions, many of which are simply wrong.

The Brits, having dragged their feet implementing the exit from the EU, are starting to see things spin out of control for Prime Minister May as a series of resignations are plaguing her administration.  Not carrying out the will of the people will cause a great deal of strife!  Liberals should be paying attention, the country is NOT on your side!!!

It’s just a crazy day. . . even in Episcopal circles in DC. . . . until tomorrow.





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