Friday, September 7th, 2018 (Show 614)

It’s a Friday and that means a bit of “whew” for making it through an arduous week.  The political stories of the week in NC had plenty of importance, but not much of an appeal to the average North Carolinian.  Stories about courtroom drama involving amendments on the ballot and redistricting create the collective yawn of a good afternoon nap.  But the national stories make the old storylines of Dallas and Dynasty look boring by comparison.

We have a gripping, albeit predictable, hearing allegedly about affirming a justice to the supreme court. Instead, it has digressed into a chasm of political posturing with pathetic protestors finding ways to pop up like predictable lemmings.  Arrests a plenty and then there’s the drama of democrats denigrating the nominee as they demagogue on the way to a Democrat presidential nod in 2020.  But alas I poorly cogitate on such matters, on to the meat of the day, lots of red meat and it sticks to the New York Times.

Before we jump into a scurrilous deep state at work or the intrigue in DC, there was some phenomenal fiscal news once again:

Wage growth posted its biggest increase of the economic recovery in August while payroll gains beat expectations and the unemployment rate held near a generational low of 3.9 percent, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report Friday.

Average hourly earnings rose 2.9 percent for the month on an annualized basis, while nonfarm payrolls grew by 201,000. Economists surveyed by Reuters had been expecting earnings to rise 2.7 percent, payrolls to increase by 191,000 and the jobless level to decline one-tenth of a point to 3.8 percent. – CNBC

If there is a single Democrat that can’t see this economy in positive terms, they’re delusional and need mental help!

Investors Business Daily had a stellar piece about the growing discontent with the New York Times Anonymous Editorial.  It is disturbing to see people saying they’re running the government having received NO votes!

Take but one example: Trump, to the anger of some, has been reluctant to put U.S. troops in harm’s way, far more so than most of our recent presidents. Why? Because, as he has said repeatedly, he doesn’t want young men and women to be maimed and killed in foreign conflicts for no good reason.

Does that strike any reasonable person as “amoral”? Based on the failure of recent presidents who sent U.S. troops into bloody global conflicts with no clear exit strategy, Trump looks like a beacon of morality. – IBD

Writers are coming out of the wood work to address the incredibly bad implications of having a deep state running the US.  Even Newt Gingritch weighed in:

This anonymous op-ed will do nothing to change anything dealing with the author’s complaints. It will do nothing to quiet concerns that some Americans may have about the direction of the country. It will do nothing to help strengthen America on the world stage. It will only help fuel excitement for Democrats about the November midterm elections. The anonymous op-ed is nothing but an extraordinary statement of arrogance from someone who didn’t run for office and won’t even tell the American people his or her name.

The only honorable, lawful course of action for the author is to publicly resign. – Newt Gingritch

During the second hour we turned out attention to the Kavanaugh hearing.  As it plays out Democrats continue to take shots at the nominee and New Jersey Democrat Senator Corey Booker claims he was on the verge of a “Spartacus moment.”  The issue at hand was his allegation that he was going to disclose secret documents that would show Kavanaugh had a racist legal perspective from his day in the Bush White House.  It was ignorance, it was wrong (there were no secrets) and he was just wrong.  The actual e-mails showed that Kavanaugh wanted to pursue a NON-racist policy in homeland security policies in the wake of 9/11.

Fred Barnes, of the Weekly Standard, also wrote eloquently about how badly the Democrats are playing the Kavanaugh hearing and how desperate they seem.  Barnes, who does have a great grasp of recent Democrat history, goes through year after year and event after event wherein Democrats act with a profound lack of dignity, disdain and disrespect.  They have no issues so they simply get angry as they have in this hearing.  Kavanaugh will be on the Supreme Court and the democrats will make the case that the fix is in.  Oddly, the only fix is that the Democrats are linked at the hip to the deep state!

Finally we spent some time with our good friend Nick Ochsner of WBTV.  We reviewed the latest on hurricane recovery via the Governor’s office as we still have yet to have ONE home repaired, while SC has almost 300 homes that have been helped.  While the Governor’s office continues to make excuses, the next serious storm is brewing in the middle Atlantic that may well cause a great deal more consternation at the end of next week.

We also up dated our listeners on the DMV story.  Yes, Cooper’s people opened up a special DMV office at the DMV office for special folks.  Rather than disclose who those special folks were, the Gov had the AG’s office declare that such information was protected by law.  Meanwhile, NO lawyer in the real world agrees and Nick advised the AG’s office to prepare for litigation.  LOL

The next segment dealt with a breaking story at WBTV involving the Catholic Church in NC.  While sexual abuse allegations dominated news in Pennsylvania, there were more allegations on the back burners here in NC.  Alleged abuses took place in the early 90s and and ultimately involved folks in Wilmington, Raleigh and Charlotte.  Troubling as these sexual allegations are, the decades with no action being taken are worse.  And the officials who discussed the matter with Ochsner almost made light of the matter.  There will be a lot more to this story, sadly!



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