Friday, June 8th, 2018 (Show 552)

First week in June done and Gov. Cover Up Cooper continues to flail about blaming republicans for everything.  He makes a $500m “error” on the budget, he can’t seem to get any hurricane relief done, can’t answer questions about a slush fund, can’t balance a budget, and even lies about school funding on a tweet.  What a week for the Governor now in day 128 of his stonewalling on the pipeline approval process!

We did start the show with the Governor.  It’s a bad day for him when even his friends at the N&O have to point out that he lied about school supply funding via Twitter.  He made the situation worse by continuing the lie in a press conference and even his staff can’t make the situation better.  Kudos to the N&O for actually pointing it out so it doesn’t simply look like a GOP attack.

Coverage of NC’s politics continued as “justice” related groups on the left are taking out ads in San Jose California and up in Seattle, Washington to STOP Apple and Amazon respectively, from coming to NC.  So why would they do this?  Oh, well it’s all about extreme LGBT and race pandering groups that want to allege NC is horrible to them.  The legislature will likely have an amendment on the ballot to allow YOU to choose if we should have a voter ID.  Overwhelming support exists, but that means extreme groups have to peddle yet more hate.  In reality, it’s an excuse for the those on the left to raise more money peddling false fears.

The best way to address the issues they allege is by having a stronger economy in NC, but instead the left continually bashes the companies that pay taxes!

At the top of the second hour we addressed the ongoing narrative (yet again supported by facts) that people are leaving highly regulated, highly taxes, progressive cities in the northeast, midwest and west.  They’re moving to lower taxes, more conservative areas in the south.  The folks at 24/7 Wall St. never allude to the political leanings of the cities from whence folks are fleeing, but if one were to overlay where people are leaving and where people are going with the political realities on the ground, it is readily apparent!  We’ll continue to monitor and remind you!  This is NOT good news for democrats other than some of them that move to the south want to make the south more like the place that they left. . . . but not always!

From there we previewed Larry Kudlow’s discussion about the G7 Summit in Canada.  America’s economic realities are amazing right now.  Unemployment (black, white, female, Hispanic) are near historic lows, wages are rising, food stamp enrollment is shrinking, growth is at or above 3% and confidence remains high.  That provides solid footing for other countries to take note of at the summit.  Far from being shunned, it is likely the President will be greeted in a positive way.  Europe needs the US!

Finally, we were joined by Tim Boyum, Spectrum Cable’s “Capital Tonight” host, to wrap up the week.  Boyum is off to the beach this weekend for some R&R but we snagged him before he departed.  We discussed the Gov’s rough week on the budget and the $500m “mistake” while also covering the legislature’s “pork” funding as well.  He asserted that all things are highly political heading into November and that every word is being framed in political terms in Raleigh.

Due to the lack of confidence in either party having an advantage, the powers that be are trying to frame the debate in a variety of ways that sometimes even confuse the media.

Nationally, the story is much the same.  Trump is working toward at least dialogue with North Korea even as democrats, who accomplished little on that front for twenty years, want to have input.  And on the G7 summit Boyum is curious as to how it will all shake out.  Much more to hear than is written in this format, so tune in and give it a listen!!  Have a great weekend folks!




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