Friday, July 6th, 2018 (Show 571)

Finishing up freedom week on the Chad Adams Show from our Wilmington studios!  Warm and humid, but it is July!!

The personal attacks on GOP legislators continues from WRAL. . never a word against silent Gov. Roy Cooper!

Life/Trump derangement erupts with Kimberly Johnson from the Huffington Post as she posted that she was confused that a black man, driving a BMW supports the NRA!  Yep, there’s tolerance and racism for ya!

More folks walking away from the democrats!  Documented!

Record employment numbers, but the political left only has 18% of their folks seeing this economy in ANY type of positive light!

Taboo discussion on young folks sexual identity. . . only 2/3rd of young-uns see themselves as exclusively heterosexual.  Lots of food for thought these days!  Nature versus nurture and no discussion from the political left that wants to see that sexuality is almost purely genetic!

And we appreciated Tim Boyum rounding out the week!!!  Happy week of the 4th to all of you!!

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