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Host, The Chad Adams Show

Chief Executive Officer, Red Wolf Broadcasting Corp.

Chad Adams is the co-founder of the Red Wolf Family of Companies, Red Wolf Broadcasting Corp. and host of The Chad Adams Show, a popular syndicated radio talk show about NC politics.  Known as “the voice of North Carolina politics,” Chad is an active influencer in North Carolina politics and appears regularly on radio, television, and in print throughout the state.

Before his statewide show, Chad was the host of “Mornings with Chad Adams,” a top-rated radio show in southeastern NC.   He previously served two-terms on the Lee County Board of Commissioners, where he was elected Vice Chairman of the Board of Commissioners; and as the Director of the Center for Local Innovation and Vice President for Development for the John Lock Foundation.

In 2002, Chad was recognized by the NC Junior Chamber of Commerce as one of five Outstanding Young North Carolinians for his political and community work. He was also recognized by the National Junior Chamber of Commerce as one of America’s Outstanding Young Leaders with the Charles Kulp Memorial Award in 1998.

Chad appears regularly on News14 Carolina’s “Capital Tonight,” CNBC, and has been a guest on numerous television stations across the state. His op-eds have been printed in dozens of newspapers statewide.

Chad holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and has completed graduate work in University Administration at North Carolina State University and is a fellow of the NC Institute of Political Leadership.